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My Mother’s
Chicken Tagine

Cut the chicken into quarters or eighths. Chop the carrots lengthways and then in half.

Put all ingredients in a cooking pot and cover with the water or chicken stock. Grate the two onions into the pot. Boil and let simmer until chicken cooks and stock reduces. Remove carrots and potatoes and set aside if they cook before the chicken does.

Often, the chicken will cook and stay intact till the stock reduces to a fine gravy.

Serve and enjoy, preferably with a crispy baguette!

Welcome to The Butcher’s Shop website

Please feel free to look around and learn about our unique eatery on the coast of West Africa, in the growing tourist resort of The Gambia.

The Butcher’s Shop opened on 16th March 1993. It began as its name implies, as a butchery and delicatessen providing fresh, local, organic and free-range meats together with dairy products and cured meats.

Everything was made with the freshest materials, with an emphasis on organic and wholesome ingredients. The availability of a kitchen (originally for baking) led to requests from customers that we should serve meals on the premises.

Beginning with sandwiches, followed by breakfasts and lunches, space was limited, but our customers were so delighted with the variety and quality of everything we served, that demand grew. We had to expand our dining area with the addition of decking, and soon moved on to provide evening meals.

The Butcher’s Shop thrives on a passionate commitment to provide The Gambia’s very best – and our customers tell us that we meet and even surpass many international standards.

At The Butchers Shop we take great pride in our products & services. We are renowned for our high standard in homegrown fresh meat products. Since our establishment in 1993, we have extended our business to include our endlessly welcoming and delicious ‘Food Café’, offering breakfasts, lunches, dinner, catering services and take–away. Our ‘Food Café’ brings together delicious food and drink in a relaxed and charming ambience. So come visit us, let our highly attentive staff fulfil your every culinary wish. We look forward to seeing you.

Driss Bensouda - Manager